Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers

Recommend the Best Products to Your Patients!

When you recommend Nature's One products to your patients you can rest easy knowing a better choice doesn't exist. Our line of products are non-GMO, free of artificial colors, preservatives and backed by our Pure10 Pledge™.

If you are interested in learning more about our products please contact us at or 877-277-7122.

Samples for your Patients

You may provide samples to your patients by visiting our Healthcare Providers Samples request form.

Calorie Concentration Charts

Providing instructions on concentrating our formulas to higher caloric densities to meet the calorie and nutrient needs of your patients.  Instructions are based on the recommendations for calculating caloric densities of the Pediatric Nutrition Practice Group of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Baby's Only Organic® Concentration Chart

PediaSmart® Concentration Chart


Nutritional Comparison Charts

PediaSmart® Complete Nutrition Beverage


Feeding Options

May be used for oral and tube feeding under the direction of a healthcare provider.†   

Tube Feeding Guidelines

† As with all enteral feeding practices, please follow the Enteral Nutrition Practice Recommendations published on January 27, 2009 by the Enteral Nutrition Practice Recommendations Task Force and the A.S.P.E.N Board of Directors. This publication can be found at