Baby’s Only Essentials® Probiotic Supplement

Helps Maintain Beneficial Intestinal Flora*

Probiotic Formulated for Baby

A baby's first intake of friendly digestive bacteria occurs naturally while passing through the birth canal. Probiotics are then maintained in a baby's body through the consumption of breast milk. At times, a formula fed baby may need assistance in maintaining friendly bacteria. Baby’s Only Essentials® Probiotic helps maintain beneficial flora, which provides a natural balance of the intestinal tract.* Nature’s One® formulated its probiotic with three types of friendly bifidobacteria known to be present in a healthy baby's intestinal system. These bifidobacteria are B. longum, B. breve and B. infantis. Natural bifidobacteria produce organic compounds that increase the acidity of the intestine so the body can prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria. Baby’s Only Essentials® also contains the prebiotic Fructooligosaccharides to support the growth of bifidobacteria.* Parents may want to add this probiotic to Baby’s Only Organic® formulas to help maintain baby’s healthy digestive system, promote mineral absorption and boost the immune function.*

Good and Bad Bacteria Impact Health

Good health is dependent upon our body’s ability to maintain a proper balance of “good” bacteria or “friendly flora.” The human intestinal tract contains over 100 varieties of “friendly” live bacteria needed for optimal human health. These friendly bacteria are so abundant that they make up between 2 to 3 pounds of an adult's body weight.1 The “ecosystem” of the intestine becomes unbalanced when “bad” and harmful or pathogenic bacteria dominate the system, weakening the body and making it more susceptible to disease. The Bifidobacteria used in Baby’s Only Essentials® Probiotic work by forming acetic and lactic acids in the intestine. These acids lower the pH in the intestines and create a hostile environment for unwanted or “bad” bacteria, such as Pseudomonas, salmonellae, E. coli and staphylococci. In those unfortunate situations when “bad” bacteria do thrive, gastrointestinal symptoms, such as bloating, gassiness and diarrhea may result. After a baby experiences gastrointestinal upset, parents may want to replenish their baby's friendly flora by adding Baby’s Only Essentials® Probiotic to their baby's formula.

Probiotics vs. Antibiotics

The term “probiotic,” meaning “for life,” was first used in 1965.2 A multitude of studies since then have proved their significance in the improvement of intestinal health. These studies offered the medical community a better understanding of the health benefits provided by probiotics, but medical advances were eventually slowed with the discovery of antibiotics. In fact, an antibiotic used to treat bacterial illness means “against life” and works in a completely opposite method from probiotics. Probiotics add “good” bacteria to the gut so that they can overwhelm the “bad” bacteria. On the other hand, antibiotics kill all bacteria (good and bad) living in the intestine, which then gives the body its ability to be rid of the illness. Over the years, misuse of antibiotics has diminished their effectiveness in fighting some bacteria. Misuse includes: taking the wrong antibiotics or taking them too frequently; taking antibiotics for too long or too short a period. The mounting threat of antibiotic resistant disease has renewed the research community’s interest in the science of probiotics and to learn more about their natural healing ability. Upon completing a round of prescribed antibiotics, parents may want to replenish their baby's friendly flora by adding Baby’s Only Essentials® Probiotic to their baby's formula.

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2. Lilly, D. M. and Stillwell, R. H., “Probiotics. Growth promoting factors produced by micro-organisms,” Science 1965; 147: 747-748.

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