About Nature’s One®

Our Mission for Your Child's Good Health

Founded in 1997, Nature’s One® is independently owned  and based in Columbus, Ohio. The company is a pioneer in the organic medical nutrition category introducing the first organic baby formula to the United States in 1999 under the brand Baby’s Only Organic®

From the beginning, Nature’s One® has heavily invested in research and development to offer the very best in organic and nutritional science. Today most of Nature’s One®organic medical nutritionals remain the first and only in their product categories. These products are sold nationwide and internationally through a wide range of retail outlets and medical suppliers. 

Celebrating 20 years of innovation, Nature’s One® continues to innovate pure organic products that meet its stringent Pure10 Pledge® and discover new organic medical foods to meet the growing needs of concerned consumers. After all, “Organic is another way to say I love you™ 

Product Brand Introduction

Product Brand Introduction

Baby’s Only Organic® Toddler Formulas

  • 1999 Organic Dairy 
  • 2000 Organic Soy
  • 2011 Organic Dairy with DHA & ARA (free of hexane processed ingredients)
  • 2015 Organic Dairy with Whey
  • 2015 Organic LactoRelief with DHA & ARA (free of hexane processed ingredients)
  • 2017 Organic Dairy Whey with DHA & ARA (free of hexane processed ingredients)

PediaSmart® Organic Complete Nutrition Beverage

  • 2008 Organic Dairy Vanilla
  • 2008 Organic Dairy Chocolate
  • 2010 Organic Soy Vanilla

PediaVance® Organic Electrolyte Maintenance Solution

  • 2005 Apple & Grape Flavors

A Company for All Generations

  • Nature's One® only manufactures products based on sound nutritional science as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • Our company uses independent analytical labs to rigorously test its products for purity and to insure all nutrients are present at the levels stated on labels.
  • Nature's One® promotes breast feeding as the best source of nutrition for developing babies and toddlers. Our formulas are nutritionally complete to supplement or replace breast milk when necessary.
  • We are sensitive to the fact that breast milk is not always available to mothers with physical limitations and adopting parents.
  • Going beyond organic, Nature’s One® sources only the highest quality and most nutritious organic ingredients available.
  • Nature’s One® stands for environmentally friendly business practices and avoids profit motivated behavior that negatively impacts the well-being of children..
  • International distribution includes China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Mexico, Indonesia , and Vietnam.
  • Nature’s One® supports charities to provide nutrition to hungry children in the USA and worldwide.
  • Our company also supports specific orphanages that provide life-saving surgeries and a loving home to orphans with special needs.