Medical Testimonials

Medical Testimonials

Baby's Only Organic® Formula:

One of the Best Soy Products ~Cindy

I am proud to say that both of my grandchildren drank your organic soy formula, supplementing my daughter's breast milk. Soy research has been my labor of love since the day a passionate (albeit quite frightening) woman accosted my daughter in a grocery store parking lot, 5 years ago in California. She noticed my daughter had soy formula in her cart (actually followed her out of the store!) and told her she was an unfit mother, poisoning her child and, in fact, that social services should be called to remove the child from her home -- all this over soy! I was flabbergasted by this woman's dramatic response, and set out on a near six-year journey to determine if soy was safe, and what kind of information the woman must've obtained for her to respond in such a manner. After researching soy and the unsubstantiated alarmist statements on the internet, I can understand why some folks are anti-soy.

As you are most certainly aware, controversy surrounds the much-researched topic of soy, including its isolated compounds, manufacturing methods, seed source, and consumption amounts. Inconsistent results in research lead to disagreements on what is and what is not safe, and for whom, creating uncertainty with consumers bombarded with internet soy fear-mongering.

I recently completed and successfully defended my Master's thesis "Consumer Awareness and Understanding of the Health Implications of Soy." With two years of studying and referencing over 100 recent published studies on soy, and conducting my own consumer research, I am an certainly an expert on the topic. I've prepared a presentation on the findings, and have had several opportunities to share it with consumers. I'm hoping you'll keep me in mind for any speaking opportunities regarding the health and safety of organic soy.

Thank you for your time, AND thank you for all you do to provide what Cornucopia Institute deems as one of the best soy products, and company, in the business.

A Formula I Can Actually Feel Good About ~Ginny

I have twins. The baby girl was not able to breast feed and the only formula she could tolerate was Alimentum ready to feed (no corn). I was disgusted by the ingredients and the amount of msg from the hydrolyzed protein in the formula and switched her to Baby's Only about a month ago. She is thriving, and it's a formula I can actually feel good about. Her brother loves it too.

Choosing the Right Formula is Always Difficult ~Erica

 I have been using your product for the past 6 months.  I used your formula with my [baby], as we found this to be the best option for him.  He had reflux and we tried a variety of formulas to help him with this, and found that yours was the one that agreed with his system the best.  Choosing the right formula is always difficult, and I wanted to thank you for having a great product that I knew I could trust.

I wish everyone at your company a happy and healthy holiday season!


PediaSmart® Organic Beverage:

Symptoms Disappeared

The parents of a tube-fed 14 month old child contacted me for assistance because even amino acid based formulas were not being tolerated. The child had many GI symptoms including persistent and life-threatening vomiting. A corn allergy or intolerance was suspected. With the help of Nature's One knowledgeable staff, the child was started on PediaSmart® Complete Organic Nutrition and all of his symptoms disappeared! I've discovered that almost all formulas have some form of corn in them; however, PediaSmart contains no corn ingredients. PediaSmart® has a Medicaid B Code (B4160) and I was successful in working with the New York Medicaid staff in obtaining coverage for this family.

-Joyce, Registered Dietitian - New York


I am so excited about your product and am looking forward to the day we can add it to our formulary!

-Carla, RD- St. Jude Hospital

Corn Allergy

We have some kids who have a corn allergy - sometimes they have a laundry list of others on top of that in which case we usually have to go with a hypo-allergenic formula. …but for just a corn allergy, PediaSmart works perfectly. Thanks for the help!!

John, RD Phoenix Childrens Hospital


I am an outpatient pediatric dietitian at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati, OH. I see a lot of kids in my practice who need supplemental nutrition and are put on Pediasure and similar supplements. Personally, I believe in buying and consuming organic, GMO-free, and wholesome foods. When it comes to dealing with children in my practice who are underweight, failure to thrive, picky eaters etc., I don't believe that a nutritional supplement is the ideal solution and I would love it if these children were receptive to eating real foods that are calorically dense and nutrient rich; however this is rarely the case. A part of me always feels uncomfortable when I resort to recommending nutritional supplements that are not assured to be GMO and pesticide free. I was so thrilled to learn that your company offers an organic and GMO free nutrition supplement for children who are unable to meet their needs through a regular diet.


 Filling the Gaps ~Tiffany

PediaSmart® Soy has been a wonderful product for my son. He has a milk protein allergy and feeding difficulties. Although he eats by mouth, he only takes purees and dry crunchy foods (crackers, cereal, etc...). It has been difficult to include enough protein in his diet since he was transitioned from baby formula. I was urged to try a popular soy nutritional drink that is sold in stores. My son absolutely refused it. I tried mixing it with almond milk, hiding it in oatmeal, and putting chocolate syrup in it. He still refused it. I ordered a can of PediaSmart® Soy and he loved it. He will eat it mixed in his oatmeal or drink it from a cup. It was easy to order and delivered in a timely matter. I have only had one mix up with an order, and it was promptly resolved. PediaSmart® Soy has filled the nutritional gaps in my son's diet.