Baby's Only Organic® Dairy Formula

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Rated Best in Class for Purity and Nutritional Superiority

All ingredients meet strict USDA Organic Regulations!
Contains fatty acids that convert to DHA & ARA!
No-GMO Ingredients!
No Corn Syrup!
Gluten Free!


We strive to be the Best ORGANIC Toddler Formula.

The Best Organic Start

Baby’s Only Organic® Toddler Formula is intended for ages 1-year and older or as directed by a healthcare professional. After formula feeding or breast feeding, Baby’s Only Organic® Toddler Formula is a good nutritional choice to assure continued support for normal brain and eye development.

Quality Organic Nutrition

Nature’s One® recognizes the importance of providing the highest quality nutritional toddler formula possible. Our company sets its ingredient standard beyond “organic” by sourcing only the best organic ingredients, including milk from organic family farms. Baby’s Only Organic® Toddler Formula is manufactured in the U.S.A.

Compare to Other Brands

Parents should be aware that Nature's One does not use objectionable ingredients like organic corn syrup (also called glucose syrup), organic palm olein oil and hexane processed DHA or DHA derived from environmentally unfriendly sources such as fish. Nature’s One strives to use only high-quality ingredients and goes beyond organic standards.

Developed to Meet Your Child's Nutritional Needs

Baby's Only Organic® Toddler Formulas meet the nutritional recommendations made by a task force of pediatricians and other experts* convened at the request of the FDA and made into law. Charts comparing our formulas to other standard formulas on the market today can be shared with your child’s healthcare provider and are available by Contacting us!


We strive to be the Best ORGANIC Toddler Formula.


Baby’s Only Organic ® is a better nutritional choice than goat or cow’s milk or other fortified beverages. Baby’s Only Organic ® provides complete organic nutrition with the nutrients needed for a toddler as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Baby’s Only Organic ® also provides children with the essential fatty acids needed to support rapid brain development. For toddler’s who need added calories or have developed a sense of taste and flavors, consider offering PediaSmart ® nutritional beverages.

Supplementing Breast Milk

Baby’s Only Organic® Toddler Formula is intended for a toddler 1-year and older or as directed by a healthcare professional. Mix according to label instructions or direction from a healthcare professional to ensure appropriate nutrition.

Mixing with Cereals

Baby’s Only Organic ® is perfectly suited to be combined with other foods or cereals. When combining with other foods, prepare the formula according to the instructions on the label. Once the formula is prepared, stir into cereal or food to achieve desired consistency.

696 Reviews

Write a Review
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    Nature’s One Dairy Formula- the best!

    Posted by Lindsay on Feb 5th 2020

    I have used Nature’s One baby formula for both of my boys. My first had a dairy sensitivity-so we used the Soy formula for him. With our second we just started using the Dairy, and I couldn’t be more pleased! I wish I would have known about the auto shipment program with my first. We just signed up and it is so easy, saves us so much money, we get a much larger container than what the local health food store sells, and customer service has been amazing!! I can’t say enough great things. Our first batch had a can or so that was damaged in the shipping process and customer service went above and beyond to replace the tampered cans! Recommend times ten!

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    Great for breast fed baby

    Posted by Elissa on Sep 20th 2019

    My big boy was growing so fast it was hard to pump enough to keep up with his appetite. I am a full time working mom & once he hit this growth spurt, I just couldn't pump enough to cover the amount he ate while I was at work. So I did some research & found that Natures One was the best we had to offer here I the states. I am still breast feeding & pumping at work, but when I can't supply all his needs we supplement with formula. He hasn't had any issues & is still growing just fine. I am so glad the stress of being able to provide for my son hS been lifted off my shoulders.

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    Best Formula Ever

    Posted by Katie on Sep 20th 2019

    My poor son had such bad gas and was waking constantly at night, always uncomfotable and fussy. I finally sat down and did research on all formulas. We had him on a similar sensitive formula, and I wasn't happy with all the added ingredients to it. I switched to Babys Only and it made a world of a difference. The first night after using the formula my son slept through the entire night, previously he would wake up anywhere between 4-8 times a night. Since switching, We haven't looked back. So glad we have found a formula that does well with his tummy and is something I don't feel guilty about giving to him!

  • 5

    Posted by S on Sep 20th 2019

    Greatest formula

  • 5
    So Relieved

    Posted by Kate on Sep 20th 2019

    We bought this to start supplementing after my supply went down. My biggest concerns were that he wouldn't like it and that he would have constipation issues. SO HAPPY to report that neither is the case! He loves it and will drink it plain (not mixed with breast milk) and I've actually found that his system is more regular since we've started. Thank you for making the best formula on the market!

  • 5
    Caring mom

    Posted by Emily on Sep 20th 2019

    I am so thankful I found this wonderful formula. My little one has had a beautiful experience with it. Never had any belly issues or even spitting up. I tell everyone about it. Wish I had it when my first was born. It's affordable and simply an amazing product.