Baby's Only Organic® Soy Formula

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Rated Best in Class for Purity and Nutritional Superiority!

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Perfect for a vegetarian diet
Only soy formula available made without corn syrup!
Non-dairy, lactose-free formula
Gluten free and appropriate for use for galactosemia

Baby's Only Organic® Soy Toddler Formula: Required


The ONLY Soy Toddler Formula Free from Corn Syrup!

The Best Organic Start

Baby’s Only Organic® Toddler Formula is intended for toddlers 1-year and older or as directed by a healthcare professional. After formula feeding or breast feeding the first year, Baby’s Only Organic® Toddler Formula is a good nutritional choice to assure continuation of strong growth and development.

Organic Soy Toddler Formula

Baby’s Only Organic® Toddler Formula offers a soy-based formula that is dairy-and lactose-free and offers an excellent option for families who prefer a vegetarian diet or for a lactose intolerance. This soy formula is made with non-GMO ingredients and is the only soy formula on the market that does not contain corn syrup (also known as glucose syrup) as its source of carbohydrate.

Compare to Other Brands

Parents should be aware that Nature's One® does not use less desirable ingredients like organic corn syrup (also called glucose syrup), organic palm olein oil and hexane processed DHA. Rest assured that Baby’s Only Organic® will never contain these ingredients. Nature’s One only uses high quality ingredients.

Developed to Meet Your Childs Nutritional Needs

Baby's Only Organic® Toddler Formulas meet the nutritional recommendations made by a task force of pediatricians and other experts* convened at the request of the FDA.

*Baby’s Only Organic® Soy Toddler Formula may be appropriate for children with galactosemia. Please consult your healthcare professional for advice.


Visit our indepth Help Center to learn more about the ingredients used in Baby's Only Organic® Soy Toddler Formula!

We strive to be the Best ORGANIC Toddler Formula.


Baby’s Only Organic ® is a better nutritional choice than goat or cow’s milk or other fortified beverages. Baby’s Only Organic ® provides complete organic nutrition with the nutrients needed for a toddler as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Baby’s Only Organic ® also provides children with the essential fatty acids needed to support rapid brain development. For toddler’s who need added calories or have developed a sense of taste and flavors, consider offering PediaSmart ® nutritional beverages.

Supplementing Breast Milk

Baby’s Only Organic® Toddler Formula is intended for a toddler 1-year and older or as directed by a healthcare professional. Mix according to label instructions or direction from a healthcare professional to ensure appropriate nutrition.

Mixing with Cereals

Baby’s Only Organic ® is perfectly suited to be combined with other foods or cereals. When combining with other foods, prepare the formula according to the instructions on the label. Once the formula is prepared, stir into cereal or food to achieve desired consistency.

26 Reviews

Write a Review
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    My reflux baby was spitting up everything on Alimentum. Now he holds down 99% of his feedings.

    Posted by Kate on Apr 4th 2015

    I had to give my baby formula when he was 2 days old due to a very bad case of Jaundice and the fact that my milk hadn't fully come in yet and he needed the hydration to clear out the jaundice. After just one bottle of normal formula, he broke out in hives from head to toe. I took this to mean he had a milk allergy. Fast forward 6 weeks and we had to switch completely to formula after a latching issue coupled with an overactive letdown let to a 3 day breast strike. I was unsure what to do since my son had developed very bad reflux at this point (most likely due to my OALD). I knew I couldn't give him milk formula and was too afraid to do soy because I know how heavily sprayed and genetically modified the plant is. So I was recommended Similac Alimentum RTF. I was told it was the Rolls Royce of Formulas for reflux babies. We decided to put him on it and for a while things seems ok. He was only spitting up a bit and didn't break out into hives. But after about a month a noticed he had started spitting up copious amounts of formula. He would seriously spit anywhere from 3-10 times after EVERY feeding. We tried everything to stop it. Craniosacral therapy, chiropractic adjustments, feeding him upright, not laying him down for 30 minutes after a feeding, different kinds of bottles, etc. Finally I read that if a baby has a true milk allergy that eventually even the hypoallergenic formulas cause problems as the baby builds up the proteins in their system just more slowly. I knew we had to switch to soy and was not happy until our health food store told me about this brand. No corn syrup, no GMO ingredients and all organic. I was willing to try anything at this point at my son fell from the 75th percentile to the 50th in 2 months. He drank 6oz at the first bottle!!! It was a challenge to get him to take 4-5oz on the other formula as it tastes god awful (yes I tried it). The first few days he still spit up but not nearly as much and now after about a week he hardly dribbles out his mouth once or 2x with a burp. I'm soooooo overjoyed!!! I never write product reviews but I feel so grateful and happy that I had to let everyone know how great this product has been for us. I told his pediatrician that we had switched to this formula and she was very happy that we did and said she expects that once the milk proteins are completely out of his system, spit up will most likely be rare. Again, thank you for making such a wonderful product. Please please please don't ever stop or lower your standards. We need companies like this in the world!!

  • 5
    An amazing product!!!

    Posted by Lindsey on Feb 25th 2015

    After losing my milk supply to Bells Palsy shortly after I delivered my third baby- I was very upset and on the look out for something that I could trust. First we tried all the normal commercial brands, then after none of them worked the dr recommended hypoallergenic formulas that made my baby even more sick, then we were on an elemental formula and she was still sick. Being a nutritionist I knew this just wasn't right, it has to be the formula. After discussing it with the pediatrician, she said I could try Baby's only if I wanted since nothing else was working.
    I ran out that day and picked up a can and ever since that first bottle my baby had been happy, full, sleeping well, not spitting up anymore and overall thriving! I've never been more impressed with a product, a company and their customer service as I am with Natures One!
    Thank you for making a trust worthy product and standing behind it!