6 Tips on Making Healthy Nutrition Choices

6 Tips on Making Healthy Nutrition Choices

Posted by Devon, Consumer Representative on Jan 30th 2018

How Do I Negotiate a Picky Eater?

Parenting can be tough when you’re trying to juggle a busy schedule, make healthy nutrition choices and negotiate a picky eater! Yikes!

Many parents worry about their children getting adequate nutrition. If you have a picky eater, you’re not alone! Here are some tips for preventing mealtime battles:

  • Respect your child’s appetite. If they aren’t hungry, don’t force them to eat. Start off with serving small portions so that you don’t overwhelm your child and give them the opportunity to ask for more
  • Try to stick to a planned meal and snack time schedule! Offer water in between meals
  • Be patient!Give them some time to get used to new foods and make it fun. Try being creative and adding in certain foods like veggies to pasta dishes or mix cereal and fruit
  • Try to set a good example. Your child is more likely to follow your eating habits
  • Don’t offer dessert as an award!This may send the message that sweets are the better food
  • Avoid being a short-order cook. Make sure your child stays at the table during the designated mealtime even if they decide not to eat. Continue to serve healthy choices until they become familiar or even preferred. This may take offering the item numerous times until they are ready to accept and enjoy the new food

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