I Wanted to Breast Feed - Never Did it Occur to Me My Body Might Not Cooperate

I Wanted to Breast Feed - Never Did it Occur to Me My Body Might Not Cooperate

Posted by Devon, Consumer Representative on Jul 15th 2019

I tried to breast feed, until it was determined that I have Mammary Hypoplasia

Long before I became pregnant with my precious baby girl I knew I wanted to breast feed.

When I became pregnant, I began reading many books and articles about nursing and how to be successful at breast feeding. I then decided that I wanted to let my baby wean herself from my breast when she felt it was right. Whether that was at eight months or at three years - whatever she needed was what I wanted to give. I had a beautiful, textbook pregnancy and gave birth to a very healthy and strong 8lb. 4oz. baby.

The thought that my body may not cooperate in terms of breast feeding never occurred to me. When Gabriella was five weeks old I saw a lactation consultant for help as my baby was ALWAYS latched, but losing weight every week. After an exhausting few weeks of special diets, strenuous nursing schedules and gallons of water drank my milk supply did not boost. It was determined that I have Mammary Hypoplasia - a condition that caused my milk producing breast tissue to be very scarce. This caused my supply to dwindle as the baby demanded more rather than bulking it up.

Upon hearing this news my heart sank. My eyes filled with tears and I continued to cry for days. Through blurry eyes I stayed up that entire night doing extensive research on organic formulas. My baby needed to be nourished, but the thought of giving her formula caused me to feel sick to my stomach. After extensive research, I was so disheartened to read about organic formulas using loop holes to save money and put unclean ingredients in their products.

Then I came across Nature's One and suddenly felt hopeful after reading some incredible reviews from mothers, holistic doctors and lactation consultants. I then moved on to scour the Nature's One website just to be sure that all of these wonderful things I read were true. I immediately went to Whole Foods and bought a can and then enrolled in your subscription program.

A happy, healthy, Baby Gabriella at 13 months old after gaining weight using Baby's Only Organic Formula.

My baby gained weight, I felt comfortable with what I was putting into her delicate little body and she is now happy, healthy and a smart 13-month old toddler and I have Nature's One to thank! I always spread the word to anyone asking for formula recommendations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a company who truly cares.

- Nicole

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