Is Homemade Baby Formula Safe?

Is Homemade Baby Formula Safe?

Posted by Diane, MPH, RD, LD - Director of Nutrition Services on Apr 8th 2020

Is homemade baby formula safe?

The current worldwide corona virus crisis has unfortunately resulted in a great deal of anxiety for parents of infants and young children, especially regarding the availability of infant and toddler formulas...As a result, homemade formula recipes are circulating on the Internet. Please heed the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Infant and toddler formulas are specifically designed to contain all nutrients in the proper amounts; are rigorously tested; and help to ensure the nutritional health of your little one. Homemade formulas are subject to too much or too little of certain nutrients; may contain ingredients that are not appropriate nor scientifically proven to be of benefit; and most importantly, may not be sanitarily prepared.

As the manufacturer of Baby's Only® Organic Toddler Formulas and PediaSmart® Organic Beverages, Nature's One® has always been devoted to:

  • Ensuring the best and most appropriate organic ingredients
  • Following specific nutrition guidelines regarding nutrient needs for children
  • Using strict quality assurance and manufacturing practices
  • Always advising parents to consult with their child's healthcare provider regarding the use of our formulas
  • Assuring the availability of our Nutrition Services staff to assist parents and healthcare providers in determining the appropriate use of our products

Please be safe and follow the recommendations of healthcare professionals. Please also avoid websites promoting products or ingredients with false claims.

I'm working from home and "cocooning" too like many of you, but do know that I'm still available if you have any questions.

All the best,

- Diane

**For specific medical care and nutritional advice on product usage, please see your healthcare professional