My Baby Was Diagnosed With a Corn Allergy...

My Baby Was Diagnosed With a Corn Allergy...

Posted by Devon, Consumer Representative on Jun 14th 2022

Does your child get fussy after mealtime? Maybe they have a sensitive tummy? It can be extremely difficult to see your child struggling, especially when it comes to food allergies or intolerances! That's exactly what Reba was going through with her son. He was sick, and she was determined to find out what was causing him so much discomfort!

Reba shared, "We are so grateful for your formula made without corn syrup and dairy. After 2 months of battling diarrhea and dehydration, doctors did not know how to help us. We had some food allergy testing done on the baby and discovered the corn allergy*.

Within 24 hours of our baby eating the Baby's Only® Plant Based Pea Protein Formula, the diarrhea was gone! Our baby is gaining weight and thriving. We are so grateful to you for producing this amazing product!"

Reba's son looking happy and healthy after switching to Baby's Only® Plant Based Pea Protein Formula to get all the nutrients he needs despite his corn allergy.

We couldn’t help but to share Reba's story. These stories remind us daily of why we do what we do and how our products help so many families in need of answers!

Should your little one begin to experience symptoms of a food allergy or food intolerance, make sure to check with your child’s healthcare provider to determine if a food allergy exist, what aspects of a food could be causing the symptoms, what foods, if any, to avoid, and how long to avoid the those foods.


Reba shares, "We continue to be ever so grateful for the pea protein formula. We truly feel like it saved our baby's life! He is a thriving and happy 2-year-old now!

We are still actually using the pea protein formula for him for bedtime only. He still loves it and won't drink anything else! (So we're having a hard time getting him off of it!)"

Reba's 2 year old son.

*Nature’s One® products do not contain corn syrup. However, some vitamins, minerals and flavors may use corn derivatives. If your child suffers from a corn allergy, please discuss with a healthcare professional.

**For specific medical care and nutritional advice on product usage, please see your healthcare professional.