Nature's One - A Difference You Can See

Nature's One - A Difference You Can See

Posted by Devon, Consumer Representative on Jan 8th 2021

Many families come to Nature's One because they're experiencing real problems. Some are trying to solve digestive issues, some are hoping to see their little ones grow through better nutrition, some are hoping for better rest, and still others are just looking for better options. And we're happy to help them all. In fact, that's where it all started for us! For more than 20 years, Nature's One has been helping real families solve real problems through  high-quality organic nutrition.

Now, we're hearing from these families daily as they're excited to share the changes they're experiencing. And one common theme we're hearing from them is: Nature's One products are making a difference they can SEE.

*Baby’s Only® Toddler Formulas are intended for a child 1-year of age and older OR when directed by a healthcare professional

Jillian's daughter with healthier looking hair, skin, and even her weight, after 3 weeks of Baby's Only Organic® Pea Protein Formula

Jillian can see the difference in her daughter's hair, skin, and even her weight, after three weeks of Baby's Only Organic® Pea Protein Toddler Formula. She told us,

"I love the ingredients in this formula. We searched for a while for a clean formula for our daughter. We adopted her at 5 months old and she was on hypoallergenic formula. She was spitting up a lot on that formula so we switched to the pea protein. After about three weeks we started noticing a big difference. She has put on a lot of weight and her skin is glowing and her hair has grown so much. She is happy and thriving and I feel great about feeding her this pea protein toddler formula!" (Jillian G.)

Kristy has also noticed healthy weight gain in her daughter, and gives credit to Nature's One PediaSmart®. PediaSmart® is formulated for toddlers and growing kids who may need a little extra nutrition, due to health challenges or even picky habits. And, it's available in both dairy and pea protein formulas to make it a healthy supplement for every Nature's One family.

"My daughter is 2 years old and has Rett Syndrome. She still eats solids, but not consistently. She loves the taste of PediaSmart® Vanilla (Dairy) and we have seen such a difference in her being able to keep weight on!" (Kristy)

Christina and Melissa shared that they've seen significant differences in their little ones' digestion after giving Baby's Only® Formulas a try. That's because we've designed our products using real, easy-to-digest ingredients, and a formulation as similar to breastmilk as science will allow.

"I was using a different formula to begin with and was referred by a friend to Nature's One. Right away I noticed a difference, my son didn't have as much gas and no pain in his tummy. I also noticed that it didn't smell (like the previous one I was using) and the color and consistency was much more like breast milk. I would definitely recommend this to any other families out there looking for a formula close to breast milk." - (Christina M.)

"We had to switch to this formula because our daughter had an issue with dairy - we tried the formula from Europe and the goats milk formula and our baby got sick from those. Our baby is 4.5 months and has been using this since she was a month old. It’s been our lifesaver. Prior to this formula she would cry nonstop, she would spit up all the time and she was miserable. I’m so grateful for this formula. It has made such a difference in the quality of our baby’s life." (Melissa)*

Katie credits improved digestion from Baby's Only® Premium with helping her son - and the whole family - get better rest.

"My poor son had such bad gas and was waking constantly at night, always uncomfortable and fussy. I finally sat down and did research on all formulas. We had him on a similar sensitive formula, and I wasn't happy with all the added ingredients to it. I switched to Baby's Only® and it made a world of a difference. The first night after using the formula my son slept through the entire night, previously he would wake up anywhere between 4-8 times a night. Since switching, We haven't looked back. So glad we have found a formula that does well with his tummy and is something I don't feel guilty about giving to him!" (Katie)

And of course, we can't ignore the most...visible outcomes of better digestion. Moms Jaclyn and Katie shared that they could tell the difference in their little ones diapers.

"We had been using another organic formula for our baby and she was having a very difficult time with her bowel movements--sometimes not even going for days! I read a lot of positive reviews about Baby's Only®/Nature's One and decided to give the formula with whey a try. What a difference! She is having NO problems pooping now and we all couldn't be happier. (Jaclyn B.)

"I'm so sad I didn't know about these products with my first son, now after educating myself on the horrible chemicals and ingredients in other formulas I am so thankful I found Baby's Only®!!! You can definitely tell the quality and difference of this brand vs. others by what your child puts out in the diaper. Baby's Only® mimics breastmilk better than ANY! Thank you so much for caring about our children and not just mass production and money!" (Katie)

There's no way we can express how grateful we are that Nature's One families like these - and like yours - trust us to make a difference in the lives of their littlest members. If you have questions about how Nature's One can make a difference for your family, we'd love to hear from you. Reach out to us at: or call us at (740) 548-0135.

*For specific medical care and nutritional advice on product usage, please see your healthcare professional