Nature’s One Leads With Organic Formulas

Nature’s One Leads With Organic Formulas

Posted by Devon, Consumer Representative on Jun 20th 2019

Nature’s One is committed to organic. In fact, we were the first company to launch an organic baby formula back in 1999! For over 20 years, we’ve continued to support our mission to provide organic formulas for children in order to offer them a better start…for life™.

As a health-conscious organic shopper, it’s important to understand labeling so that you can make informed decisions while you shop. That’s why we know that many of you look for the trusted green and white organic seal on a food package to indicate that your product is USDA certified organic with at least 95% organic ingredients.

Independent organic certifying agencies review all the processing steps and all ingredients used to make a product and verify that the product meets all criteria. Once a product is approved, it will display an organic seal on the package. The USDA organic seal also certifies that a product is verified to be non-GMO, or not made with genetically engineered ingredients.

There are many Domestic USDA Accredited Certifiers for brands to choose for their agency. Nature’s One works with Quality Assurance International (QAI), a leading organic certifying agency, to review all processing methods and ingredients used in our formulas and foods. Nature’s One work with QAI verifies that organic standards are followed, not compromised.

Nature’s One prides itself on sourcing organic high-quality, premium ingredients for our infant formulas, toddler formulas, and baby cereal.

Ever since Nature’s One introduced the first Baby’s Only® organic baby formula in 1999, we have looked at the existing nutritional science and guidelines and set to make them considerably better because we believe that every child deserves the highest organic standards…for life!

We’re so committed to giving you our best that we put it in writing! Learn more about the Nature’s One Pure 10 Pledge and find the right baby formula for your little one.

Should you have any questions about our organic standards and certification, please reach out to our customer service team at (740) 552-5186 or email us! We would be happy to help!