Rash, Fussiness, Diarrhea, Wheezing and Sleep Problems... Help!

Rash, Fussiness, Diarrhea, Wheezing and Sleep Problems... Help!

Posted by Devon, Consumer Representative on Jun 8th 2020

I saw drastic changes within an hour after trying Baby's Only Organic® Pea Protein Formula!

"This experience with my daughter and grandson has solidified my belief even further in our products, our team and our goal as a company." We just had to share this lovely success story from one of our very own team members at Nature's One, Bobbi!

I am excited to share that my grandson has tried Nature's One Baby's Only Organic® Pea Protein formula with incredible success! My grandson was born November 1st, 2019. Breast feeding was unsuccessful, so mom and baby needed to find an alternative. His mom, my daughter, was advised to use a conventional brand of formula for the first 3-6 months because that is what the hospital started him on.     

Toddler experiencing rash, fussiness, diarrhea and wheezing from conventional formula before switching to Nature's One Organic.


The first 2 and 1/2 months were going well, but he was experiencing several issues. He seemed to always have a slight red rash on his face (which has since been diagnosed as baby eczema), he fussed each time he ate and he never seemed to want more than 4-6 ounces at a time. He tossed and turned in his sleep, he never slept longer than 5-6 hours at the longest. He experienced diarrhea with all his diaper changes and he had this heavy breathing/wheezing all the time that sounded like a nasty cold.

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I spoke to our team at Nature's One about these issues and after considering all of his experiences thus far, I decided to ask my daughter to consider trying a new formula in hopes this would help with some of the issues. She agreed to switch and give Baby's Only Organic® Pea Protein formula a try.

We had our grandson for the weekend just two weeks ago, the same week we wanted to try a new formula. I brought home a sample of our Pea Protein formula right away, and he finished 8 ounces quickly with no fussing and was much more content than he had been previously. In one hour, he was in need of a diaper change and there was no diarrhea at all! That same night, he slept a total of 9 hours overnight. From that day on, he has been on the Pea Protein and he has slept long nights (8-10 hours), finished 8-ounce bottles and is craving more. His diaper changes are much more normal (what we all might expect to see), and he doesn't fuss while trying to eat. He seems much calmer than the first few months and is less fussy. I am amazed to see such drastic positive changes in our grandson just an hour after his first bottle of the Pea Protein formula.

I love being a part of the team at Nature's One. I believe in the mission of our company and what we provide for moms and babies who need safe alternatives to breast feeding. This experience with my daughter and grandson has solidified my belief even further in our products, our team, and our goal as a company.

I am happy I got to experience the results of the hard work I see around me everyday and how what we do benefits babies that might need something a little different. Our little grandson is already much happier.

Thank you Nature's One!


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