The Benefits of DHA

The Benefits of DHA

Posted by Devon, Consumer Representative on Jan 30th 2018

DHA made simple

DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid and breastmilk is an abundant source.

DHA is needed most during pregnancy and the first years of life.

DHA plays a key role in the development of the eyes and brain tissue.

And while studies show DHA in formula ensures optimal brain and eye development.

Not all DHA is the same

There are 2 forms; triglyceride or phospholipid.

The body must convert the triglyceride form to a phospholipid form before it can be used.

But isn’t DHA bad?

There are only two brands of DHA in formula today, one is processed with harsh chemicals like hexane and one is not.

If you have heard DHA is bad it is because of the DHA that is processed with harsh chemicals like hexane. This brand of DHA is in ALL formulas supplemented with DHA on the market today except one, Baby’s Only® brand made by Nature’s One.

We have the DHA your child needs!

Nature’s One extracts the phospholipid form of DHA from egg yolks, not fish oil or algae. That means it is ready to be used by the body, right away.

It is also extracted without harsh chemicals. And our DHA also has the added benefit of choline, part of the B vitamin family necessary for the function of all cells in the body.

At Nature’s One we believe the breast feeding is best for you and your child. We also know that some mom’s need to supplement their own breast milk and that is why we developed the Baby’s Only Organic® brand of formulas, so you could give your child the closest thing to breast milk.

DHA Theirs Ours
Phospholipid Form? No Yes
Hexanne Processed? Yes No
Has Choline? No Yes
Ready for the body to use? No Yes
Proven safe? No Yes

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