What is Your Baby Really Eating?

What is Your Baby Really Eating?

Posted by Audrey Adkins, Guest Writer and New Mom on Sep 11th 2020

When I was pregnant, making sure my baby got all the nutrients he needed was so important to me. My husband and I researched the best foods to eat for brain development and what supplements would be beneficial for me to take. I avoided all the foods that were “off limits” during pregnancy and kept to a pretty good regimen. Lots of eggs, fresh salmon, veggies and fruit. I was really glad that I was able to give my son what he needed while in utero.

But then we started looking at formulas and I felt pretty discouraged. Every formula on the shelves at the grocery stores had ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce and so began the search. My husband dove in to research mode (a great dad!) and started investigating formulas on the market. Most, if not all formulas, had ingredients that we weren’t comfortable giving to our son, not the least of which was corn syrup. I had just spent most of my pregnancy avoiding added sugars and corn syrup (being higher risk for gestational diabetes with PCOS) and now I was going to be giving him large doses of corn syrup every few hours? Even the organic formulas we looked at had palm oil or corn syrup. 

Finally, my husband came across Nature’s One! We were shocked and so encouraged! High quality ingredients at an affordable price — we had to know more! We decided to use  Nature’s One Baby's Only Organic® Dairy DHA/ARA Formula (now called Baby's Only® Premium Dairy DHA/ARA Formula). This particular formula is made with certified organic DHA (the ONLY TRUE organic DHA on the market) and contains organic choline and lutein for my little guy's brain and eye development! Our son is thriving — he is in the 75th percentile for weight and sleeping so well. We are confident that we are giving our son the best and that helps us rest easier.

Audrey's son is in the 75th percentile for weight and sleeping for babies his age after switching to Baby's Only® Organic Premium Dairy DHA/ARA Formula.

Thank you, Nature’s One!


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