Working With a Dietitian - What to Expect

Working With a Dietitian - What to Expect

Posted by Audrey Adkins, Guest Writer and New Mom on Jul 29th 2020

When my son was born, the last thing I thought I would need was an ongoing dialogue with a dietitian. How complicated could a newborn's diet be?! Milk. That’s it, right? Right. However, not all formula is created equal or with the same high quality ingredients and sometimes, our babies have  special dietary needs (like a dairy allergy).

Not many (if any!) formula companies have a  dietitian on staff to help you trouble shoot and answer questions. It truly is further evidence of Nature’s One commitment to “a better start for life.“ I had to start supplementing before I was expecting to (click to read my story about supplementing with Nature's One Baby's Only Organic Formula) and Diane was so helpful! If you’re struggling with figuring out unfamiliar symptoms, or you're just a new mama who has a little anxiety about what’s normal and what’s not, reach out! You’re not alone and Diane is here to help!

Here’s what to expect:

Expertise: Diane knows her stuff! She was able to help talk me through what was normal new born behavior/symptoms and what should be looked into (rash, vomiting, etc.). She asked questions and sought to understand my little guy's symptoms before making recommendations. She helped me troubleshoot feeding and assured me that there was a solution (and there was!). A little patience goes a long way here, mamas. Don’t lose hope!

Kindness/Understanding: Diane was so kind and helped put my mind at rest! I was just a new mama concerned for her baby, and Diane didn’t make me feel crazy for asking so many questions or for being a little worried since I didn’t know what was going on. When our hormones are still out of balance as new mamas, I can promise you that a little bit of kindness goes a long way!

Resources: Diane provided excellent resources/suggestions to help my little man keep moving forward. As a new mama, the amount of information out there can be overwhelming and conflicting (which is not helpful when you are sleep deprived and emotional!) but having someone with experience share some ideas helped me to quickly start ruling things out.

Excellent Customer Care: As with all things Nature’s One, Diane provided excellent customer care not only through the above listed qualities, but her responses and response times were professional and timely!

Thank you, Diane, for helping mamas — new and seasoned alike — keep their little ones fed and happy! And helping mamas sleep a little easier! ☺️

If you have a question for Diane, feel free to send her an email at:

**For specific medical care and nutritional advice on product usage, please see your healthcare professional