Global Distribution

Growing International Demand for Organic

There is growing worldwide demand for organic medical foods as large scale corporate agriculture spreads through developing countries. Foods grown without chemical pesticides, insecticides and non-genetically modified seeds are intuitively preferred; be it for environmental reasons, chemical sensitivities, or a desire to protect future health by avoiding foods that could be discovered harmful later in life. This just makes sense.

Nature's One® International Distribution

It is exciting that consumers around the world have an opportunity to embrace the organic lifestyle. Nature’s One® now distributes organic formula to several international locations including China, Hong Kong, Mexico. (Please click on the hyperlinks of the country’s names to contact our sole distributors in that respective market for point of sale and other distribution inquiries for that country.)

Unlike the United States, breastfeeding in many countries is commonly practiced and supported for children well beyond the first year of life. Our company maintains its commitment to promote breast milk as the absolute best organic nutrition for an infant or young child and our philosophy continues to be in accordance with the World Health Organization’s Code of Marketing Breast Milk Substitutes.

Nature’s One® is proud of its worldwide distribution network that seeks to provide high quality organic nutrition. This gives us great hope that together with international retailers, families from around the world can enjoy the basic principles of organic living and its positive impact on their health and the environment.