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Nature’s One® Praised for Commitment to Purity

Nature's One® Praised for Commitment to Purity Lewis Center, Ohio – Nature’s One has been invited to attend the “Human Health Risks of Arsenic in the Environment” summit hosted by Dartmouth College and MDI Biological Laboratory. Dartmouth has applauded Nature’s One “commitment to purity.”

Arsenic is Undetectable in Nature's One® Organic Brown Rice Syrup

Nature's One® Responds

Nature's One® Response to Organic Brown Rice Syrup Concerns

Nature's One® Response - No BPA in packaging

Nature's One® Response to Media Hype on Hydrolysate Formulas A recent Pediatrics journal article about weight gain in babies fed a protein hydrolysate formula versus cow's milk based formula was picked up by the national media and, as usual, was hyped with statements such as "Cow's milk formulas cause babies to be fat!" Here are some points to consider about protein hydrolysate formulas, cow's milk formulas and trends for obesity in childhood.

Infant Formula

USDA Cracks Down on Synthetic DHA Fatty Acids in Organic Milk- The USDA is moving to eliminate two synthetic additives widely found in organic baby formula and organic milk..

DHA and ARA Risk for Infants Report - details research questioning the alleged benefits of adding "novel" omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, produced in laboratories and extracted from algae and fungus, into infant formulas. The report presents disturbing research indicating that the new additives placed in infant formula are seriously endangering the health of some formula-fed newborns and toddlers.

Mercury in Corn Syrup
Baby's Only Organic® & PediaSmart® do NOT Contain Corn Syrup. - Ask Dr. Sears - should infants receive vitamin supplements? Well, that depends. This article by Doctor Sears reviews what may or may not be necessary for a breast fed infant or a formula fed infant.

Are There Health Implications for Soy Infant Formula - recent research from the University of Arkansas supports findings that soy formulas support normal growth and may have bone health benefits

Cornucopia Institute - Organic Watch Dog

Cornucopia Researchers were Shocked when Investigating DHA/ARA Oils used in Infant Formulas - At issue were some of the nation's leading manufacturers of infant formula that had been illegally adding synthetic forms of omega-3 and omega-6 oils to their organic products after a sweetheart deal between a powerful industry lobbyist and Dr. Barbara Robinson, the former head of the USDA's organic program—exposed by a 2009 investigative report in the Washington Post.

Synthetic Oils in Infant Formula Could Be Making Babies Sick - For years, the USDA'S National Organic Program has failed to enforce federal organic standards that prohibit the use of certain unapproved synthetic substances in organic infant formula and other organic foods. The Cornucopia Institute, a Wisconsin-based food and farm policy research group, is taking action to rein in the practice with the re-filing of a formal legal complaint with the USDA calling for the removal of the additives from organic infant formula..

Continuing Scandal at Organic Factory Farm Heats Up - Family dairy farmers have recently appealed directly to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack for swift enforcement action in response to giant corporations "gaming the system" and squeezing them out of business. They claim they are being placed at a competitive disadvantage. A national surplus of organic milk – largely created by factory farm dairies – and magnified by a soft economy – has been driving down prices paid to farmers.

Organic Dairy Farmers Rally - Organic dairy farmers try to convince Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to take immediate and aggressive enforcement action against a handful of "factory farms" allegedly saturating the market with illegal organic milk.

Nation's Largest Dairy Marketer Sets Up Competing Market Category - A division of Dean Foods, the organic industry's largest namebrand manufacturer, rocked the organic world this week when it was reported that the agribusiness giant intended to create an entirely new, lower-priced, product category, "natural dairy," aimed squarely at pirating away organic customers. If successful Dean, the largest milk processor in the United States, will add to the pain many organic farmers are feeling due to slowing sales caused by the economic downturn.

Kids Health & Nutrition

Nestle wants you to be scared of organic food - — Nestle chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe trots out tired and debunked arguments against organics, then reveals his company's foray into neutraceuticals, or disease-fighting foods.

Pesticide Exposure in Womb May Hurt Child's IQ - — Organophosphates, which kill pests by attacking the nervous system, have previously been linked to developmental delays and attention problems in young children who were exposed in the womb. Now, researchers in two different locations have found that a child's IQ tends to decrease in proportion to the mother's exposure while pregnant.

CSPI Says Food Dyes Pose Rainbow of Risks - Food dyes—used in everything from M&Ms to Manischewitz Matzo Balls to Kraft salad dressings—pose risks of cancer, hyperactivity in children, and allergies, and should be banned, according to a new report by the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

In Europe, Dyed Foods Get Warning Label - Starting today in the European Union, most foods that contain artificial food dyes must bear warning labels stating that the food "may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children."

Are Europeans Smarter than Americans? when it comes to artificial colors. - When it comes to having artificial colors in their diets, Europeans are definitely smarter than Americans! As of July 20th this month food manufacturers in the European Union are given the choice of removing all food colors from their products or include this warning label clearly visible on the package: "[dyes in this product] may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children."

Study Links Pesticides to ADHD - A new study in the journal Pediatrics associates exposure to pesticides with cases of ADHD in the U.S. and Canada.

Cerebral Palsy Article - Organic Foods and PediaSmart
Organic Nutrition… Hype or Healthy Option for Children with Development Disabilities?

Survey Confirms Reduced Risk of Asthma and Eczema with Organic Milk Consumption - A peer reviewed research report from the Netherlands* further documents the benefits of organic milk for children.

Dehydration 411 - when "the bug" bugs your baby, what can be fed to help relieve the symptoms? This recent article from Parenting Magazine provides guidance to parents on what to feed baby when diarrhea and/or vomiting hit.