Child plays with blocks that spell out 'D - H - A'

The ABC’s
of DHA


It’s an omega-3 fatty ACID. Although the body does have the capability of making some DHA, the addition of DHA to some of our formulas helps ensure your child gets an appropriate amount of this fatty acid for brain and eye development.


It supports BRAIN tissue development and BETTER eye health. In fact, DHA makes up 60% of brain lipids, and improves focus, attention, memory and cognitive function when there is sufficient fortification of high quality DHA like ours.


CHOLINE, nestled in our organic DHA sourced from eggs, is an important baby brain builder.

Most formulas contain DHA that is sourced from Algae and Fungus -- NOT OURS!

DHA is an important nutrient that works to ensure optimal brain and eye development, and helps give children a head start in life. DHA can be bad if it’s processed with hexane—a harsh and totally unnecessary chemical. Hexane is NEVER used by Nature’s One. In fact, Nature’s One Baby’s Only® Formula is the ONLY formula supplemented with certified organic DHA.

Our DHA is ORGANIC, gently derived from the eggs of humanely raised chickens.

Our DHA is ORGANIC, gently derived from the eggs of humanely raised chickens.

We extract phospholipid DHA directly from chicken egg yolks without the use of toxic solvents like our competitors—a more bioavailable and readily absorbed form than the triglyceride form found in fish oil, fungus or algae. It’s nature’s safe and gentle way of delivering crucial DHA to the body. Our DHA also provides natural choline, a member of the B-Vitamin family that improves cell functioning.