Male child stands with cardboard wings and a hat and scarf covered in stars

We’re so committed to giving you our best, we put our pledge in writing.

Our Pure 10 Pledge®

This is our promise to you that we’ll never stop looking for better ways to make sure your child gets the best possible start, and we’ll always be open, honest and transparent with you as we work to build your trust.

At Nature’s One, we pledge to:

  1. Help parents give their baby the best possible start by supporting them in their choice of breast and/or formula feeding.
  2. Use independent analytical labs for testing
  3. Never compromise nutritional quality
  4. Reject controversial ingredients such as GMOs or those extracted with hexane
  5. Source from U.S. organic farmers whenever possible
  6. Test undetectable of heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and mercury from ingredients inadvertently introduced through the environment
  7. Use environment-friendly packaging
  8. Innovate organic products to help children suffering from nutritional deficiencies
  9. Promote fair trade conditions and sustainability
  10. Stand for earth, animal and human conscious business practices