PediaSmart® Dairy Vanilla Beverage

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Complete Organic Nutritional Beverage
Contains all Essential Vitamins and Minerals
No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Sweeteners
Perfect for Lactose Sensitivity!
No GMO's!
Gluten Free!
No Corn Syrup!

PediaSmart® Dairy Vanilla: Required


The First Organic Dairy Beverage to Provide Complete & Balanced Nutrition.

Kids Love the Flavor!

PediaSmart® Dairy is the Smart Organic Choice™ offering excellent nutrition as a healthy beverage, quick breakfast and for a child in need of added calories. PediaSmart® Dairy is the ONLY organic dairy mix on the U.S. market offering complete organic nutrition. This beverage has been formulated to contain all essential nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins & minerals.

PediaSmart® Dairy for Breakfast

If your child is a picky eater or avoids breakfast, PediaSmart® Dairy is a good substitute for an egg, toast and orange juice.  It all the nutrients found in a balanced meal including 29 vitamins & minerals and 7 grams of protein and organic simple & complex carbohydrates for a steady supply of ready energy.

Lactose Sensitive

PediaSmart® Dairy is gluten-free and suitable for lactose intolerance. This product is a milk based beverage, but the lactose or milk sugar has been removed using a special organic compliant enzyme process. This is good news for children who may be lactose sensitive or lactose intolerant.  

For Kids Who Require Added Calories

For children who suffer from chronic illness, growth failure, eating disorders or injuries, PediaSmart® Dairy can be used as a nutritional supplement or as a complete source of nutrition under the supervision of a doctor. PediaSmart® Dairy is also an option for children with a feeding tube under special direction and supervision of a child’s healthcare team. This product is free of dairy, gluten and corn syrup.

Nature’s One® commitment to organic goes beyond government regulations assuring only natural and organic flavors with no artificial colors or sweeteners, genetically modified ingredients, pesticides, added growth hormones or hexane processed oils.

Compare the nutrition in PediaSmart® Organic Dairy Nutritional Beverage to other conventional nutritional beverages.

PediaSmart Dairy Nutritional Comparison Chart

*Consult your healthcare professional for use with children under 2 years of age.
**Do not use for children with the genetic disorder galactosemia.
***May be used in a feeding tube under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

The First Organic Dairy Beverage to Provide Complete & Balanced Nutrition.

Serving Options

PediaSmart® is best when served chilled. Parents may also blend with crushed ice for a shake like beverage. Blend various fresh fruits with PediaSmart® Vanilla to offer a fruit flavored smoothie beverage.


PediaSmart® is a good option for children who tend to skip breakfast. This beverage has been scientifically formulated to function as a meal replacement providing the appropriate blend of protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins & minerals that will help a child start their morning nutritionally strong.


Most snacks and beverages for children are loaded with artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners and contain corn syrup or even high levels of caffeine. Consider PediaSmart® as a nutritious after-school snack instead of traditional snacks like soft drinks and chips. A child will consume 255 calories drinking an 8oz serving of Coke® with a 1oz single serve bag of potato chips. Compare this to 240 calories of an 8oz serving of PediaSmart®, which includes protein, good fats, calcium, and vitamins & minerals.


PediaSmart® provides great nutrition for child athletes before practice or games. PediaSmart® is well tolerated as it is easily digested and provides long lasting energy.

Medical Food

PediaSmart® is a good source of nutrition for children who suffer from chronic illness, growth failure, injuries or during recovery from surgery. PediaSmart® is nutritionally comparable to conventional nutrition beverages such as PediaSure®. It has been formulated to be used as a complete source of nutrition and in a feeding tube under the supervision of a healthcare professional. The specific amount to be used daily will need to be determined based upon a child’s nutritional and medical status. This product is gluten-free and suitable for lactose intolerance.

35 Reviews

Write a Review
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    Great Stuff

    Posted by Sarah on Aug 18th 2015

    I used the Baby's Only formula some for my mostly B/F daughter so I was already familiar with Nature's One products when at 2 years old she was diagnosed with failure to thrive. She was not FTT, but the know it all pediatrician that I saw said she needed to be on Pediasure. Being a scientist and having a stepchild who is on that stuff, I thought no way am I giving that garbage to her. So ordered some of the PediaSmart and tried it, compared to PediaSure (which I gagged on when I tried it, the sugar!) it had all the boosting nutrition that would help and much less of the stuff I didn't want in my child (again, excess sugar).

    We made it up with hot water, once it's dissolved add some whole milk to cool it to warm and she loved it. She added on some size gradually over about a year and is doing great. I also used it when she was going to summer camp this year (at 5 years old) because she was getting visibly skinny with all the activities and her not being the biggest eater. It helped to keep her strong and healthy through the summer.

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    Awesome Find!

    Posted by Chrissy on Apr 22nd 2015

    We have a 2 year old that is FTT, and was born as a micro preemie (1 pound 10 inches) with medical issues. He is still bottle dependent, but bottle was becoming a source of frustration he was on kids Boost 360 calories per 8 oz . As we continue but to work with a feeding therapist we made the 100% switch to pediasmart! I mix it with whole lactose free milk, and he loves it! Every time his weight starts to stall the Dr's start talking g-tube which for us is just not a good option. He is physically able and mentally capable of obtains all of his calories oarlly it is just find what works, and this is working for us :) also I feel so much better about giving it to him everything else I feed him is organic so should his formula be.

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    Great organic option for nutrition and calories for picky eaters

    Posted by Bekah on Apr 7th 2015

    We've been giving this to our son for about a year (he's almost 3 now). He used to eat whatever we gave him as a baby but then became very picky around 20 months. I was afraid he wasn't getting enough calories or proper nutrition so I did some searching and found this great product. I love that it is organic, and I really trust the company. My son loves the flavor. We do mix it with milk for the added calories, although I think it's recommended to be mixed with just water (it dissolves better in water so we shake it in a little water first, then add milk).

  • 5
    Best organic option to pediasure

    Posted by Lori on Mar 22nd 2015

    My son suffers from food aversion, adhd and autism and runs from the table at dinner. There are only a few items he will eat and with being diagnosed with NF1 it is difficult to keep him at a healthy weight with the painful tumors zapping his energy and desire to eat. I found this nutritional drink to be a real help. My son loves it and I mix into a smoothie with some amazing grass green powder and a banana and he is a happy little boy now. Please don't stop making this fantastic product!

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    Great stuff :)

    Posted by Michelle on Feb 26th 2015

    My son is a TEF kid...basically his esophagus wasn't attached to his stomach. He had surgery at 2 days old and spent a month in NICU. It is common for TEF kids to have varying degrees of eating difficulties. PediaSmart has been a godsend. We discovered it fairly early, and it has given us the peace of mind that our kiddo has been getting well-balanced, organic nutrition without relying solely on eating. I didn't want to create a food aversion situation as eating can lead (and has) to choking and episodes of self-imposed food strikes. PediaSmart to the rescue!!! Our little guy continues to explore eating at his own pace, and has been making good progress while maintaining a healthy weight. We appreciate the existence of's definitely a needed product.