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A dairy based nutrition beverage that is great for picky eaters or children having difficulty gaining weight. PediaSmart® is also great for tube fed kids that need a clean and nutritious source of nutrition!

Terms and Conditions

Limit one free sample per household or family. We monitor every free sample order and reserve the right to cancel any and all orders we deem to be fraudulent or abusive to our programs intended purpose. Due to customs regulation, we are unable to ship samples to Canada.

About PediaSmart® Nutrition Beverage

PediaSmart® brand nutrition beverages provide a complete nutrition profile for kids that are picky eaters or are failing to thrive. PediaSmart® is also used by many tube fed children who want to make sure they are getting the very best and cleanest nutrition. Available in two great tasting vanilla formulas; one using dairy as the protein source and the other using pea protein. Our pea protein based nutrition beverage is the first of it's kind!